Snacks (Bild: Marcus Schlaf)

Range of products

iba provides a comprehensive overview of all the innovations the market has to offer. This is where you will meet the most successful companies from the bakery, confectionery and snack food trade,from artisan bakeries to wholesale bakeries to industrial solutions. But restaurateurs, café owners, food retailers, hotel managers and caterers will find an almost limitless and diverse range of products at iba.

  • Baking and pastry-making equipment
  • Baking and pastry-making supplies
  • Baking  ingredients and raw materials
  • Ovens and accessories
  • Decorations
  • Services
  • Energy, ventilation and air-conditioning technology
  • Gastronomy and catering
  • Par-baked and fully-baked products
  • Information technology
  • Coffee and coffee machines
  • Refrigeration and fermentation technology
  • Laboratory and measuring instruments
  • Fittings & furnishings for shops, cafés and patisseries
  • Logistics
  • Pasta, pizza and tortilla production
  • Process optimization and automation
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Snacks and snack food production
  • Ice cream and ice-cream production
  • Sales
  • Packaging solutions
  • Supplier industry
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