Who are the best bakers and confectioners in the world? The iba.UIBC.CUP will reveal it! The competitions take place in Hall B3.231 and show the art of baking and confectionery, demonstrated by the 'pros'.

  • At the iba-UIBC-Cup of Bakers bakery teams from China, Norway, Germany, France, Japan, Peru, the Netherlands, Korea, Russia, Spain, England and the USA compete against each other.

  • Cheer on the young professionals at the UIBC Junior World Championships for Confectioners!
    The participating countries are: Brazil, China, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Spain and Taiwan.


At the finals of the 4th GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIP OF MASTER BAKERS German bakers will impress the jury by presenting their expertise and skills in an open competition to this year's theme "Europe".

Where? In Hall B3.231.


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