Who are the best bakers and confectioners in the world? The iba.UIBC.CUP revealed it! The competitions showed the art of baking and confectionery, demonstrated by the 'pros'.

  • The young professionals at the UIBC Junior World Championships for Confectioners performed excellent! Lyu Haoran from China won this competition! The other participating countries were: Brazil, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Spain and Taiwan. Congratulations!

  • At the iba-UIBC-Cup of Bakers Zhou Bin and Peng Fudong from China won! They competed against the teams from Norway, Germany, France, Japan, Peru, the Netherlands, Korea, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the USA and celebrated on Monday evening at the award ceremony - Congratulations!

  • Nicole and Patrick Mittmann from Wildberg/Sulz am Eck won the 4th German Championship of Master Bakers. Congratulations!


Action, cheers and tears of joy -  iba.UIBC.CUP kept everyone in suspense!


The most innovative products and developments in the bakery and confectionery trade will once again receive highly coveted awards at iba 2018. Here you can find out about the trends that will drive the industry in the years to come.


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