The winners of the German Championship of Master Bakers: Daniel Plum (l.) und Maximilian Raisch

3rd German Championship of Master Bakers

At 15 September 2015 German bakers impressed the jury at the 3rd German Championship of Master Bakers. They presented their expertise and skills. The results have been presented and judged.

The winners of this competition are Daniel Plum (Cafe-Plum) from Übach-Palenberg and Maximilian Raisch (Bäckerei Raisch) from Calw. 

Second Place: Johannes Dackweiler (Hercules Vollkorn&Mühlenbäckerei) from Düsseldorf and Michael Gauert (Bäckerei Josef Hinkel) from Düsseldorf.

Third place: Matthias Jakob (Bäckerei Jourdan) from Rengshausen and Sebastian Dopheide (Bäckerei Dopheide) from Remscheid.

Fourth place: Holger and Olaf Schüren (Ihre Kleine Backstube) from Nuthetal.

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