Preparation checklist for visiting iba


  • iba trade catalogue will be available at the trade fair, as well as the artisan handicraft guide and the SnackGuide.
  • Pack laptop, netbook, iPad, smartphone and necessary chargers, pens, notebooks, business cards, and name badge. Free WiFi access will be available at the trade fair.


  • Guarantee best ticket price by buying online. Vouchers can also be redeemed here.
  • Reserve ticket(s) for the iba summit to listen to top international speakers.

Plan your trip

  • Book accommodation from a choice of hotels.
  • Organise travel, taking advantage of the best offers on the iba website.
  • Gather together travel documents for the train, bus, or flight: a shuttle bus is available from the airport directly to the trade fair grounds, and from the train station it is only a 20-minute ride to the iba on the underground line U2 (disembarking at Messestadt West or Messestadt Ost).

Before iba 2018

  • Identify relevant exhibitors, brands, products, and addresses in advance in the new digital marketplace, as well as bookmarking favourites and arranging appointments.
  • Work out how best to get from one exhibitor to the next and plan a route through the exhibition halls.
  • Find out about the programme and offers at COFFEE WORLD, as well as workshops at the SnackTrendS special exhibition.
  • Find out about seminars at the baking academy in Lochham.
  • Plan to attend fascinating presentations and expert demonstrations at the iba forum, as well as a detour to see competitions like the iba UIBC CUP "Bakers" and "Confectioners", or the German Championship of Master Bakers.

Do not forget:

  • Pack a camera. A city map of Munich is available for free at the trade fair!
  • Pack appropriate clothing and (comfortable) shoes.

The most important at the end:

  • print
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