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What's new in the bakery, confectionery and snack industry? iba shows all trends - from baking ingredients and raw materials to packaging - and presents the most successful, most creative and most innovative companies.

Production technology

"Look and marvel" is the motto of iba 2018: Current production techniques and many machines can experienced in action. Automation and process optimization are hot topics for the food manufacturing industry - but also for small and medium sized businesses. From furnaces with temperature sensors, to cutting machines and dough preparation and transportation: Everything can be looked at live!

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Gebäck vom Feinsten

Raw materials and ingredients

At iba 2018 it smells good as always - this is due to the many live-baking events. What one can also see: the importance of the high quality raw materials and ingredients. Informations on caking agents, premixes and flavours as well as organic trends, wedding cakes and pastry trends, such as the colourful macaroons, are available. What are topics such as gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free all about and what does one need to know about the new allergen labeling? iba 2018 keep its visitors up-to-date!

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iba 2018 welcome its visitors to the world of snacks! This is not only encompass the quick and healthy snack in between but also everything that has to do with the topic snacks. This include not only fresh snacks, but also fine and frozen food as well as store design, frontbaking, hot drinks, coffee machines and technical equipment ranging from the microwave to the toaster to refrigerated transport systems.

Food and beverages concepts will be presented on the action area iba.TO GO! in Hall B3.

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Who would have thought that the good old filter coffee is celebrating a comeback and that classics like cappuccino are one step ahead of flavoured coffees! A lot is happening around the most popular beverage of the Germans! Cold-brewed coffee with less bitter substances and acids is the latest trend. The demand for organic products is increasing as well as the requirements for the environmentally friendly technology of coffee machines.

Everything about coffee will be presented in the coffee special exhibition on the action area iba.TO GO in Hall B3.

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Shop fittings and equipment

A feast for the eyes - to present the products in the best look is all the more important. The customer should feel comfortable immediately when he enters the shop. The exhibitors at iba show how to conjure up a certain something and the right atmosphere, how lighting accents are used skilfully and how to emphasize the freshness and quality of the products with refrigerated display cases. In a good store concept, everything is harmoniously coordinated and invites customers to linger.

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Packaging plays a supporting role not only in terms of durability and food hygiene - but packaging also seduces and emphasizes the quality of the content. The best product only cuts a good figure, if it is adequately packaged. In order for the product and its packaging to form a dream team, packaging and processing solutions will be shown on their own action area in Hall B1: iba.OPERATE!

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Sophisticated logistics is like a masterpiece: How does one manage to unite the correct amount of raw materials, ingredients and packaging at the right time in one place? In order for this to works out smoothly, there are automated picking systems, air boxes, storage systems and much more. Visitors are informed about "predictive purchasing" - the art of assessing future purchasing decisions properly.

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Cleaning and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in each business and a basic requirement so that the quality of the products is very highly regarded. The range is wide: Starting with the work clothes, ranging to floor and wall covering and waste separation bins. Special equipment such as sheet metal cleaning machines, extraction units and basket washing machines make everyday life easier.

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Energy, ventilation and air-conditioning technology

Hot, hotter, bakery! At iba 2018 one can learn all about the topic of energy. Which ventilation device is suitable for which store? How can one use heat recovery in a meaningful way? Is a photovoltaic system worth it? What about a humidifier? Are the fans sufficient? How does one improve its CO2 footprint? Visitors can learn from the professionals by looking over their shoulder!

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All the big and little tools that facilitate baking are presented at iba 2018. Whether bakeware, beater, cookie cutters, icing bag, baking mats, knives, cake dividers, baking trays could not be missing - everything the bakery and confectionery heart could wish for! Smaller portion sizes for the growing number of single households and new materials such as silicone are the current trend.

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