Interview with Robb MacKie

Robb MacKie is CEO und President of the American Bakers Association (ABA)

On Tuesday, 18 September, the iba.SPEAKERS CORNER in Hall A1 will discuss food trends and consumer preferences, including experts from the American Bakers Association (ABA). Robb MacKie, CEO and President of ABA, explains what visitors can look forward to.

Industry leaders take a close look at food trends

 iba: What lectures can visitors expect?

Robb MacKie: Industry thought leaders from Lesaffre, Rabobank, Corbion, The Kroger Company, and the American Bakers Association (ABA) are some of the invited speakers to be featured at IBIE’s day of education sessions at the iba.SPEAKERS CORNER this year.

iba: What are the topics of the lectures?

Robb MacKie: These expert panels will address some of the most important food trends shaping the baking industry today. Visitors will hear the latest analysis and emerging solutions related to the rise in more restrictive labeling requirements for food and beverage products.

They will also learn how global players in the baking industry are responding to increased consumer demand for food products with fewer ingredients and Cleaner Labels.

Finally, visitors who are interested in the $52B U.S. commercial baking industry will want to attend our session on Baking in the Disruption Era, where we will offer an exclusive look at ABA research into the U.S. consumer market and potential opportunities in ecommerce.

iba: How can bakers, confectioners etc. benefit from these lectures?

Robb MacKie: All of the IBIE sessions promise to deliver actionable insights to help visitors anticipate trends, discover emerging solutions that address their specific challenges, and help them gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Lecture at iba.SPEAKERS CORNER

  • Topic: "Baking in the Disruption Era"
  • 18.09.2018
  • 01:30 - 01:55 p.m.
  • Hall A1.170

American Bakers Association President Robb MacKie will provide keen market insights from ABA research into the US consumer market, the highly disrupted American retail environment and the potential opportunities in ecommerce.

Pulling from Nielsen data specific to the $52B US baking industry, Mr MacKie will share his perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing bakers.

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