At the special show COFFEE WORLD conceptualized together with the coffee roasting house Supremo in hall A4, hot things happened, literally – the smell of freshly roasted coffee was in the air.

Coffee from all over the world.


Visitors not only got to know the nature and differences of 20 varieties of green coffee – they also experienced live how the precious beans are roasted. In passing, they learnes many interesting facts: What are the differences in quality of the different green coffees? And how exactly do Arabica and Robusta varieties differ from each other?

Another exciting theme was "How do coffee machines of different price ranges perform?". How large are the differences in taste when preparing the same type of coffee in different machines? One could find out whether the high-end coffee was its favourite or whether coffee in the low-budget price range could win the taste duel. And what about the milk foam systems? Again, there are many different models.

Baristas also showed how to make the world's best cappuccino: Barista trainers shared their knowledge and gladly advised visitors. And for the espresso in between a wide selection for tasting was available.

Bakers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs and caterers learned how to respond to the increasingly demanding customer requirements for good coffee. In dialogue with experts, they got the best hints when it comes to coffee, business models and budget.

COFFE WORLD – Impressions

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