Pack 301 LS System by Robert Bosch GmbH

Packaging Area

A beautiful package is not everything, and good, hygienic packaging is just as crucial for any product today. This is why more than 180 companies were presenting their packaging technology and material solutions at iba 2015 - the world's leading trade fair for bakery, confectionary and snacks. The "Packaging Area" had its own sector for the first time. In Hall B1, approximately 50 exhibitors were showcasing their latest products and solutions. The focus was, of course, be on natural freshness, protection, durability and hygiene. Conditions that must be met by every good package. However, a product should also have a good appearance – a beautiful package entices buyers.

Although new packaging solutions, techniques and materials have also been showcased in the 11 other exhibition halls, trade visitors were expecting the latest packaging innovations in Hall B1 due to the risen demand - from thermoforming to outer packaging - in concentrated form. In the "Packaging Area", it was demonstrated in a multifaceted way: packaging is not the same as packaging.

The solutions in the packaging sector are highly varied. Three conditions for bakery products must however be fulfilled:

  • They must protect the goods during transportation.
  • They must provide the necessary conditions for the appropriate durability.
  • They must comply with the EU food hygiene regulations.
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