17. 03. 2021

Innovation highlights of iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS

The first global industry meeting of the year is in full swing: the fully virtual networking and business platform iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS went live the 15th of March 2021. In addition to strong program highlights and unique networking opportunities, the platform is kicking off with a high number of innovations, some of them making their first market appearance.

Ahead with innovative strength: The additional virtual format iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS provides a must-be-place to find the latest industry trends. After months of declining exchange, iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS is finally enabling the participants to take advantage of introducing their novelties to market peers and (potential) customers. The ten innovations presented below are just some of this year’s iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS novelties, highlighting the industry’s creative force.

The New Cheesecake by The Royal Zeelandia Group 
Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina introduce - in anticipation of a rising demand for high quality cheesecake, and in line with the trend ’high quality, true indulgence’ – The New Cheesecake. While matching premium taste, creaminess and smooth structure, The New Cheesecake uses local ingredients and offers bakeries and outlets in Europe and Asia the opportunity to create variations that work on their own. The mix is based on natural whey protein, local fresh cream cheese, water and crust. The result guarantees to banish the surface cracking that is the bane of bakers’ lives. www.zeelandia.com 

SE 442-1 dough dividing system by Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG 
The new SE 442-1 cutting unit is used for single-lane dough dividing. In combination with a Handtmann portioning machine, the system is suitable for industrial use in baked goods production. The flexible system enables the processing of different wheat and mixed wheat doughs. The dough dividing is oil-free, which reduces flaws in the baked items and costs. The portioning machine’s high-precision vane cell feed system and the precise separating with the new rotary cutting principle guarantee permanently accurate-to-the-gram weights for each dough piece. The consistent and continuous product ejection ensures stable and process-reliable system operation. The consistent hygienic design allows full jet water cleaning of the system. www.handtmann.de/en/ 

MultiWasher by Somengil 
The MultiWasher is a high-performance industrial washing machine with smart energy consumption and reduced consumption of water. Somengil engineered a washing machine that is at the same time environment-friendly by using 70% less detergent for a wash. Due to its high water pressure and highest temperatures, the innovation eliminates pre-wash cycles without reducing the cleaning quality. 
The cutting-edge technology ensures disinfection and cleaning of utensils, but also dry and ready to use utensils. www.somengil.com 

Smoobees by Puratos 
Smoobees* is Puratos’ latest innovation in response to the market demand of appealing texture. Smoobees are soft beads that offer a creamy texture while ensuring a rich taste in every bite. This inclusion is ready to use and resistant to the different steps of the industrial production process. Not only does it allow bakers to add a soft and smooth texture to baked goods without injection equipment, it also offers a new flavour palette. www.puratos.com 

Slimline by Maquinaria Viñas 
The thin format production line Slimline produces thin products (up to 10 – 1 mm thickness) such as high-hydrated flat Pizza, Neapolitan shells, Calzone or Naan. It is designed to use the Plaff Plaff H20 head in order to ensure an artisan result with all dough qualities. Adding the brand new Napolitana form module allows to produce pizza shells with a thick outer ring and a thin inner circle without the need of depositing tomato in it. Adding the latest docking form leads to target docking on round or rectangular pieces. The scrap can be recovered to be reused in four different ways. Besides, depositing, filling or spreading options are available and the line can be individually adapted. www.mvinas.com/en

bapacho by The Royal Zeelandia Group 
With the launch of Bapacho, Zeelandia offers a solution for the increasing consumer demand of online ordering: Bapacho is an online platform that enables local small and medium sized bakeries, patisseries and chocolateries to sell online without creating, maintaining and promoting their own online shop. They can feature their products for pick up or delivery and start receiving orders. Consumers on the other hand can easily place orders via bapacho.com or the suitable mobile app Bapacho - Your Local Baker. Bapacho is free to bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers and dedicated to make local, high quality products available to consumers through a simple online ordering process. www.zeelandia.com

CombiPlast by Niverplast 
CombiPlast is a high-quality packaging solution for integrated case erecting and bag placing in one, in class with lowest TCO. With the bag and blank magazine being refilled without any production stop, CombiPlast offers a 24/7 non-stop production. Operating in stand-alone as well as in any automatic production lines, it adds and adjusts recipes for each box size and handles up to 15 boxes per minute. With its innovation, Niverplast provides a left- or right-handed version and offers an on-screen HD visualisation of warnings and possible machine functions in order to provide a smooth production process. www.niverplast.com

Intens Soft & Fine by Puratos
More than ever, consumers care about what they eat and pay more attention to the product label. This leads to a rising demand for short and cleaner labels. Puratos’ latest innovation, inspired by nature, Intens Soft & Fine was developed for industrial bakeries to make cleaner label baked goods without compromising on quality or process. This enzyme-based solution, originated form the Hunan forest, not only improves softness and gives a finer crumb texture, but also provides longer softness during shelf life when producing soft bakery items like toast breads, hamburger buns, brioche, panettone, long shelf life croissants and donuts. It is a clean(er) and more affordable alternative, next to other known solutions such as monoglycerides. www.puratos.com 

bazz by The Royal Zeelandia Group
BAKON as a manufacturer of smart bakery machines joint forces with Zeelandia as supplier of bakery ingredients. The collaboration results in seamlessly connected production systems for today’s bakers that combine high quality machines with the right bakery ingredients. The total concept enables bakers to start right away, without giving a thought to the outcome as the cooperation provides a perfect match between bakery ingredients, recipes and bakery machines. bazz comes with a 100% guarantee on quality and service. www.zeelandia.com

The VDD807 dough portioner by VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH 
The VDD807 dough portioner is developed for efficient, gentle, oil-free and weight-accurate portioning of wheat-based doughs. The integrated cutting device rotates continuously and secures maximum output rates. Depending on the execution, the VDD807 is available with either one or two dividing tools. The dough pieces are placed cleanly and evenly spaced onto the discharge belt for downstream processes. The VDD807 can be connected to the continuous scale VPC715 from VEMAG, getting maximum weight accuracy and a smooth production flow even with fluctuating dough textures. Quickly interchangeable outlets allow the user to react flexibly to product changes and to manufacture various product sizes. www.vemag.de/en 

At the platform’s specially marked innovation stands, BFR Systems, Apinox, MIWE, Cetravac, Dovaina and AMF further innovations from and for the industry can be discovered and discussed. The virtual doors of iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS are open until 17th of March, 11 p.m CET. 

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  • Intens Soft & Fine by Puratos, ©Puratos
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