Seminars and bakery tours

iba seminars offer training in specific areas and let experts present their useful knowledge to the attendants. Prefer to see things in action? Exclusive bakery tours will again in 2018 allow you to get 'up close and personal' and get your own view of things.

Get the German Pretzel and Cheesecake Diploma: The secrets of the real original and traditional recipes and techniques! 2,5 h hands-on training and explanation in English. Where? In hall B3.151. Interested? Read more!


Bakery tours

Visiting the Traublinger bakery

As in previous years, tours of bakeries in Munich and the surrounding areas will be offered to visitors. The size of the business visited will be chosen based on the requirements of the visiting group. Groups must make their own way to the tour venues, and arrange their own interpreter if necessary. If the option is available at the time, the group will also be accompanied by an advisor from the Landesinnungsverband (state guild association). If this option is unavailable, the bakery owner will be briefed in advance by the Landesinnungsverband.

Drinks and small snacks are usually provided during or after the tours. Where necessary, information about the businesses will be supplied.

These bakery tours are free to groups of visitors. They do, however, need to be booked as early as possible in advance – reservations to be made through the Landesinnungsverband.

Lochham brief seminars on Bavarian baking culture

Participants from all over the world

In Lochham near Munich the seminars will aim to demonstrate a cross-section of Bavarian baking and the range of baked goods made in this region of Germany. Beginning with a brief theoretical introduction to raw ingredients, production techniques and the product range make-up, the seminar moves on to demonstrating current Bavarian baking technology and, for the main part, focuses on demonstrating how different Bavarian baked goods are made.

On request, smaller "do-it-yourself" parts can be incorporated into the proceedings. Each participant will receive a selection of baked goods to take away with them.

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Landesinnungsverband für das bayerische Bäckerhandwerk
Postfach 15 13 23
80048 Munich
T +49 89 54 42 13 0
F +49 89 54 42 13 51

Contact person:
Barbara Gandl

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