Award Ceremonies

The most innovative products and developments from the baking and confectionery industry will be awarded sought-after prizes at iba 2018. At this event the industry shows where it is heading in the next few years.

iba Award

iba Award

The Backtechnik iba Award will be given for the fifth time at iba 2018 in Munich. The award is a recognised innovation prize for technical solutions and amazing innovations in manufacturing for industrial and line-orientated baked goods.

The initiator of the baking technology iba Award is Backtechnik Magazine, which is published in English, German and Russian and covers all areas of technology for large bakeries throughout the world.

The prize winners of the iba Award are determined by a voluntary jury, which includes both representatives from our editorial department and renowned experts. Members of the jury in 2018 include Michael Kleinert (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Wädenswil), Dr Thomas Becker (Technical University Munich, Scientific Center Weihenstephan), Norbert Lötz (manager of production at Harry Bread), Stefan Schütter (technical editor at Backtechnik Europe) and Dirk Waclawek (editor in chief Backtechnik Europe).

DBZ iba trophy 2018 - The innovation prize for baking

DBZ iba trophy 2018 - The innovation prize for baking

It has become an established tradition in the German bakery industry: the DBZ iba trophy. For the seventh time, the INGER Verlagsgesellschaft (previously Backmedia Verlagsgesellschaft) and DBZ Magazine will award the renowned iba trophy as a distinction and recognition of innovative developments and solutions for the bakery industry to exhibitors at iba. The categories include:

  • Quality & productivity
  • Energy & environment
  • Digitalisation
  • Hygiene

Get to know the winners at the award ceremony! The ceremony will take place at the booth of the  German Bakers' Confederation "Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks e.V." in Hall B3. Michael Wippler, President of the German Bakers' Confederation, will be the host of the ceremony. The date will be announced soon.

All awarded innovations can be visited at iba!

Baker Maker Award

BakerMaker Award

ABZ - Allgemeine BäckerZeitung - places great value on the topic of training. Since 2012, ABZ has annually distinguished bakeries who have clever ideas and great concepts for training newcomers in the industry with the BakerMaker-Award.

An important initiative of ABZ, who promotes good training and puts top trainers in the foreground as attractive employers!

The BakerMaker-Award will be awarded for the first time in 2018 as part of a celebratory evening event. The award ceremony will be held on September 17, 2018 during iba in Munich.

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