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New rooms, new service: The German Bakers' Confederation and GHM – Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbh are currently working on providing new services at the iba trade fair, which will take place from 15 to 20 September 2018 on the Fairground Messe München. In addition to a new conference center, which will open on the site in 2018, the GHM will also be providing an extensive service package that will assist businesses and associations with their travel arrangements to the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery, and snacks.  

Depending on the number of visitors, booking hotel rooms for all the employees, partners and clients, as well as coordinating their arrival and transfer from their accommodation to the trade fair, can be an extensive and very time-consuming task. GHM, the iba’s organizer, is now offering a new service designed to provide assistance. Exhibitors and visitors can now entrust the handling and coordination of their iba visit to GHM’s service partner “Perfect Meeting”. The company deals with hotel room bookings for entire groups, manages reservations and cancellations, deals with booking amendments, and, if requested by the visitor, also organizes their reception, their accommodation, and transfer to the trade fair grounds. The service provider is also available as a point of contact for the entire duration of the stay via a 24-hour hotline. The new service can be accessed via the iba website. The client enters the relevant information into an online form – number and type of rooms, hotel type, location, facilities, and the desired price per night – and subsequently receives an individual quote from “Perfect Meeting.” It is also possible for the company to check existing reservations and potentially find more suitable accommodation. More information about the new service is available at

Building Starts for New Conference Centre
A few weeks ago, building works for a new conference center and the new halls C5 and C6 at Fairground Messe München started. Their completion is scheduled for 2018, the year of iba. “The new conference area will open up new possibilities for the trade fair and its exhibitors,” says Dieter Dohr, Chairman of the Management Board of GHM. Ultimately, the development will result in state-of-the-art, multipurpose rooms becoming available in the eastern side of the trade fair grounds, offering space for conferences and meetings with up to 1,000 participants. In 2018 the official opening of iba will take place in the new conference center.

Further information about iba is available at

iba remains faithful to Munich. Organised by GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks will continue to take place in the southern German city until at least 2030. Even before iba 2015, the German Bakers’ Confederation already extended the contract with the Munich-based trade fair corporation. “In advance” as Peter Becker, the outgoing president of the German Baker’s Confederation, announced at the start of the trade fair. The confederation’s new president, Michael Wippler, is also convinced that this is the right decision.

“Continuity, stability and reliability are important and proper conditions for a long-term strategy through which the success story of iba should be upheld”, says Michael Wippler. As of October, the 61-year-old will be the new president of the German Bakers’ Confederation. Even before this year’s iba, it is already clear that the decision on the location for the trade fair corporation was the right one (in the photo from left to right: Dieter Dohr, Peter Becker and Michael Wippler).

Even with Wippler as the new president of the association and – also as of October – with Daniel Schneider as the new chief executive, there will be no “revolutionary changes” in the coming trade fair, the president stresses. “The changes will rather be more evolutionary, with even more professionalism, a more personal approach and hence more emotional.” In the past, the GHM has proven that it is the right partner for this. That is how iba will continue being the most important premiere platform in the industry. The trade fair that determines the pace and programme in the industry around the world.

“We are honoured by the confidence bestowed upon us”, says Dieter Dohr, Chairman of the GHM, “and look forward to the upcoming events.” Dohr promises that together with the German Bakers’ Confederation, the German Association of Confectioners, the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC), exhibitors and visitors, iba will continuously be developed further and shall always be oriented towards the needs of the market.

Wippler sees, for example, digitalization as one of the key trends in the coming years. “This will not spare our industry”, says the president. “The challenge is to recognize these changes at an early stage and thus spot and take advantage of the associated opportunities. There is no better platform in the world for this than iba!” In order to maintain this, the preparations for the upcoming event have already started, adds Dieter Dohr. The next iba will take place from 15 to 20 September 2018 at the Fairground Messe München.

The 23rd iba ended with 77,814 trade visitors – an increase of ten per cent compared to 2012. The 1,309 exhibitors enjoyed the success. In a visitors survey more than half the visitors stated they had completed sales transactions at the trade fair. According to this, the total volume of orders placed in the six days of the fair reached 1.3 billion euro. The high number of contracts concluded was one of the reasons for the positive verdict on the fair by the exhibitors: 87.4 per cent of the firms judged iba as very successful.

For the majority of the trade visitors, who came from more than 167 countries, the search for novelties was on top of the list of their expectations regarding iba 2015. This wish was fulfilled according to the survey. 95.2 per cent gave the top marks “good or excellent” in this regard. New products and lots of inspirations for everyday business in all areas of the industry, among them production technology, packaging, logistics, raw materials, energy, hygiene, shop fitting, snacks, coffee, marketing and sales concepts awaited the professional audience. iba managed to convince the visitors with a complete range of products, presented in Munich by the 1,309 exhibitors from 57 different countries. 95 per cent of those asked stated that the exhibiting firms guaranteed a complete industry overview.

The good atmosphere among the exhibitors reflected in their positive results concerning the trade fair. They could almost completely achieve the goals they linked to their trade fair presence, such as “increasing the customer network“ and “looking after existing business relationships“. Another reason for the satisfaction was the high professional expertise of both domestic and foreign visitors. When asked to judge the quality of the visitors, 85 per cent of the companies gave out top marks.

Both exhibitors and visitors greeted the offers placed on iba 2015 for the first time by the trade fair organisers GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH with great approval. The specially designated areas “SnackTrendS“ (87.7 per cent), “COFFEEWORLD” (86.6 per cent) and “Packaging Area” (81.7 per cent) received “good or excellent” in their very first appearance. The new orientation tools for the twelve exhibition halls, the “HandwerksGuide” (“guide to the artisan bakeries”) and the “SnackGuide” were also well received by the trade visitors.

Trade fairs are considered the engines for industries and provide meaningful economic trend forecasts. If you believed the barometer of public opinion carried out among the visitors at iba, there is nothing stopping the positive development of the baking industry. The vast majority (82.6 per cent) estimate the economic situation of their industrial sector to be “good to excellent“. According to this, the estimation is significantly more optimistic than at iba 2013 (75.7 per cent).

The next iba will take place from 15 to 20 September 2018 in Munich.


Dieter Dohr, CEO and President of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH:
“The six exhibition days were characterised by a positive atmosphere of both exhibitors and visitors. It had an inspiring and contagious effect. The exhibitors were happy to meet the most important customers from all continents. The visitors brilliantly accepted our new ideas concerning the fair organisation, for example, the guided tours for bakers and confectioners. I am especially happy that we were able to increase the number of domestic visitors with our offers.”

Peter Becker, President of the Central Association of the German Bakers:
 “iba is more than just the world's meeting place for national and international bakers and confectioners. This year we exceeded the mere product offering. To us trade fairs mean more! Workshops, expert lectures or live presentations regarding the preparation of bread, coffee, patisserie goods or snacks were very well received. Many used this unique chance of free training, in order to equip both themselves and their firms for the future.” 

Gerhard Schenk, President of the German Association of Confectioners (DKB) and Vice President of UIBC (International Union of Bakers and Confectioners):
“iba isn't just for people with several years of experience in the job. It is ideally suited for the trainee confectioners. Nowhere else do you get a comparable overview of your own industry. Everyone returns home, filled with hundreds of ideas for daily life and business. All in all this year's iba managed to convince with a much larger range of products for confectioners. My personal highlight was awarding prizes for the wedding cakes made by journeymen.”

This year’s gold medal of the “Confectioners” iba-UIBC-Cup goes to Taiwan. Peng Hao and Chia Ming Yang secured the victory in the international competition of the world’s best confectioners. The competition takes place every three years in Munich at iba, the leading international trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks.

That which the participants of the “Confectioners” iba-UIBC-CUP presented at iba was simply confectionery art at the highest level. Four teams, two from Asia and two from Europe were all aiming to convince the international jury with their sweet works of art. They had one and a half days to master the tasks at hand. A décor piece made from sugar, chocolate, marzipan and nougat – or a combination of three different Petits Fours, three different chocolates, two figures, as well as a country specialty in which a gateau was integrated is what they were supposed to prepare. Everything was in accordance with the theme of this year's "circus" competition. The visitors were able to follow the competition live in the open bakeries in Hall B3 – and that which they saw was confectionery art at its very best.

"The decision was extremely close," said Gerhard Schenk, President of the German Association of Confectioners and Vice President of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC). He was speaking at the award ceremony which he presented, together with Franz Wenninger, who is the Jury Chairman and Deputy Supreme Master of the Confectioners’ Guild of Bavaria. In the end, it was the performance of Peng Hao and Chia Ming Yang that won the jury’s hearts. The two were thus presented with the much coveted award at iba on Thursday afternoon, September 17th. In second place came the team from South Korea with Dong-woo Lee and Hyunk-jin Kwon. The German team, consisting of Annika Früholz and Thomas Lakner, took third place whereas Cathrine Nilsen and Hege Andersen Høgstø from Norway finished fourth.

It’s gold for Noritoshi Shibuya and Hirokazu Asai from Japan. These two bakers are the winners of the iba-UIBC-CUP “Bakers”. This international competition, where the world’s best in this field compete against each other, takes place in Munich every three years at iba, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks. In total, teams of bakers from 12 countries took part in the iba-UIBC-CUP. The victors were honoured during a ceremony on Monday the 14th of September at the trade fair.

At the German Bakers Academy in Weinheim, they had trained for an entire week and undergone intense preparation for the competition. Now their efforts were rewarded, and the sheer delight of these two Japanese bakers for having won was written on their faces. At the iba Forum in Hall B3, amid resounding applause from a large audience, Noritoshi Shibuya and Hirokazu Asai received their gold medals for the iba-UIBC-CUP “Bakers”. The pair won over the judges with their outstanding competition entries, and a fan club of around 30 members had even travelled with them all the way from Japan. The awards were presented by Peter Becker, the President of the German Bakers’ Confederation, and Wolfgang Schäfer, Vice President of the German Bakers’ Confederation.

Over three days, from the 12th to the 14th of September 2015, the competitors baked for the title in four bakeries in Hall B3. Representatives from four of the countries competed against each other each day in teams of two. This included teams from Peru, France, the Netherlands, USA, China, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Denmark, Japan, and Germany. The theme of this year’s competition was “circus”, according to which the competitors had to produce bread, party pastries, biscuits, Danish pastries, as well as a baked show piece.

In the end, it was Noritoshi Shibuya and Hirokazu Asai who won with their baked masterpieces. They also won the special category of “Best Biscuit”. In second place came Tim Boers and Kris Huysman from the Netherlands, who also won the category of “Best Danish”. Third place went to Baptiste Guery and Matthieu Schuller from France, also awarded the prize for the “Best Bread” category. The prize for the best show piece of the competition was awarded to Roland Tukacs and Zoltan Tako from Hungary, who came in fourth place with the rest of the competitors.

The participants:
Germany: Felix Remmele, Marc Mundri
France: Baptiste Guery, Matthieu Schuller
The Netherlands: Tim Boers, Kris Huysman
USA: Katie Vanek, Ashley Nichols
Spain: Josep Pascual Aguilera, José Roldán Triviño
Croatia: Damir Kregar, Renata Kruhan
Russia: Anna Gribanova, Elena Ananina
Denmark: Eva Jorgensen, Dan Christensen
Japan: Noritoshi Shibuya, Hirokazu Asai
Peru: Roger Aponte Villanueva, Héctor Urrunaga Cosmopolis
China: Tang Jianbo, Liao Jinzhong
Hungary: Roland Tukacs, Zoltan Tako

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